Niklaus Flütsch


I was very fortunate to meet and photograph Nik Flütsch, a doctor and author who was born into a woman’s body but has always felt like a man. Immediately upon my arrival, his husband Christian handed me a glass of cool white wine and a piece of Zuger Kirschtorte . Needless to say, I got very cozy on their beautiful terrace and didn’t feel like leaving ever again!

This was one of my most favorite – if not the most favorite – shoot this year. Not only are Nik and Christian insanely handsome (they made my job very easy that day), Nik is also so brave to tell his story openly and publicly, and I hope that his book and the accompanying articles reach – well, everyone. There is still hate and incomprehension toward LGBTI everywhere, and it needs to stop. This is 2014, people. Really, there are more pressing issues.

To read the article with my photos in Schweizer Familie, click here. To check out Nik’s book, click here. Check out his TED talk here.



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