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Let’s Dance In Daveyton

When I was in South Africa this spring, I attended a play about hate crimes against lesbians in a suburb of Johannesburg. After the play, which was mostly frequented by black lesbians, one of the waiting mini bus taxis played … Continue reading

On The Way To Venice

We went to Venice! It was raining constantly! Also, we saw an ambulance and a police boat blasting by with full sirens! We also saw a farmers market stand that was a boat. Everything there is a boat! – We … Continue reading

On The Way – In Istanbul

In Hong Kong

In Canet, South France

On a┬áVisa pour l’image break at the beach in Canet, September 6, 2013

Happy kids, pigs and cows

- on assignment for wir eltern, August 16th, 2013, chez famille Hofstetter in Zweisimmen BE.

Printing At DZA

DZA Altenburg, Germany, July 24-26, 2013, additional photography and videography by Resort. Hoooorray!

Los Angeles/Carmel

Watching Planes At LAX, By The In-N-Out Burger

Venice Boulevard, L. A.

I like all the lights and the music…