Hard At Work In The Americas

São Paulo, Brazil, Chicago IL and Los Angeles CA, January 6th to 25th, with my trusted assistant (and brother) Matthias, for Zurich!

Flying Business (and AA First).

Hotel Fasano, São Paulo (OMG. NICEST HOTEL EVER.)

Drinking lots of fruit juice everyday (pineapple/mint)!

Our fixer Mavi and models in SP.

Admirals’ Lounge at SP Guarulhos: quite the 1970ies experience!

American Airlines – worst airline ever in the world, new logo won’t change that!

Flying into Miami Beach and Chicago. It was cold in Chi so we looked at ridiculous sweaters and went to the spa a lot.

Finally: Los Angeles! Warm and sunny and weird-tasting coffee all over (albeit cool coffee places).

The Hollywood sign and Chateau Marmont. After taking this photo, one of the waiters came over to our table and said: “Hey, sweetie… Absolutely no photos, please…”

Breakfast at the Mondrian and a rainy Sunset Boulevard.

Shitty LAX Duty Free merch. Who in the right mind would ever buy American chocolate? SWISS, please just take me home!!! I was greeted at the airport by my sweetheart (and tulips.) Damn, it feels good to be back…

Thank you, Zurich, for an AWESOME trip. We really did travel in style! And I’m off to Dhaka, Bangladesh, tonight.

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